The Emma Center is a volunteer-based nonprofit serving women in Humboldt County, California impacted by trauma.

Historically, the Emma Center provided services that required paid staff and the cost of a physical space. Throughout 2017 and 2018, the current board of directors will reestablish programs and projects that fulfill its mission. During this time, the Emma Center will be a volunteer organization that does not have a designated physical space. Utilizing current community resources, the Emma Center will continue to work to break the cycle of trauma by nurturing body, mind and spirit through classes, workshops, and support groups. This website will be updated as funding is secured to bring services back to the Emma Center.

The Emma Center is named for all the Emmas of the world who have had the determination and courage to fight against violence, cruelty, and suffering– courageous, powerful women who reached out their hands to offer support and protection.


Who Is Emma?

No one should be left 
forced into silence
dark places and spaces
thrust into madness

With petrified children
and screaming cats
witnessing the horrors of human cruelty

Hair growing wild
thoughts scattered like shattered glass
so far gone in the mind
no self is left
no identity, nothing
living a life of dread and despair
hopelessness and fear

Until someone reaches
out a hand grab hold,
she says, trust me
we have nothing left
but to trust
so we grab hold
and never let go
never look back

Out of the dark
squinting at the brightness
she cries for the very first time
she is free, safe, loved
she is not alone
vibrant, alive
she is Emma.