What Happens?

When you call or drop by the Emma Center, you’ll make a Membership Appointment to meet privately with a trained staff member in the safety and security of the Center. You’ll be connected to community services and support in the traditional and alternative modalities best suited to aid in your healing.

After your intake is complete, you will be connected to off-site programs and will be able to join the support groups and healing arts programs on-site, like craft night, movie night, or just the simple comfort of the company of other healing women.

Holistic Healing Program

Damage happens in many ways; so does healing. We offer a variety of programs to help heal the whole person. On-site activities vary monthly (check our calendar); other programs include:

Art That Heals.

Creativity helps us heal. We offer workshops in knitting, painting, writing and other creative endeavors; call or check our calendar online!

Women’s Support Groups.

Facilitated by a licensed therapist and/or supervised intern, support groups offer safe sharing spaces and environments for healing process work. Participating in groups can offer remarkable insight, courage and empowerment. Together, we can learn to heal.


Effective recovery counseling can be expensive, hard to find or both. Depending on availability, Emma Center staff works with clients to match them to our generous local providers. A healing mind helps a healing body and spirit.

Healing Arts.

Bodywork & other therapies release toxins, create internal space for change and promote profound relaxation—all of which aid in healing and renewal. Local practitioners donate services including massage, chiropractic, energy work and herbal medicine.